Ra is the owner of Kriya of the Week, which offers a short daily practice for people to get into meditation and working with their energy. It is based on an accumulation of techniques from his many years of gym ownership, a lifetime of competitive athletics, studies in psychology, and multidimensional energetic techniques from around the world. This interview shouldn't be taken as an endorsement for Ra's practices—which come from ancient traditional medicine rather than science. I leave the listener to decide what to take away from this rather interesting conversation off the beaten path.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • How a wellness-obsessed hockey player from the nation's second-most unhealthy state moved to California and reinvented himself as Ra of Earth.

  • What Ra learned by spending most of his day on the beach under the California sun instead of sweating it out for hours at the gym and still performing at a competitive athletic level.

  • The numerous traditions, observations, serendipitous encounters, and entities that inform Ra's controversial regimens and practices.

  • Ra's philosophy of yoga and how he sees the body as a piece of technology akin to a smartphone.

  • How ice baths, breath work, fasting, hormesis, and self-flagellation break us down to build us up.

  • And so much more!

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