Jason Fung, MD is a Toronto-based nephrologist, obesity expert, co-host of the Low Carb MD Podcast, author of The Obesity Code, The Diabetes Code, and The Complete Guide to Fasting, and co-author (with Dr. James DiNicolantonio) of the upcoming The Longevity Solution. On this episode, learn how fasting can actually boost your metabolism, preserve muscle, fix obesity, and prevent disease.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Why Jason believes that obesity is more of a hormonal issue than one of mere energy balance.

  • Why not eating at all is often easier than calorie restriction.

  • The effect of consuming coffee or bone broth on fasting.

  • How extended fasting affects your muscles and metabolism—does it slow it down, as many believe?

  • The benefits of a cellular cleanup process called autophagy and the approximate time frames in which it becomes active.

  • And much more!

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Resources from this episode:

The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss by Dr. Jason Fung

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