Jim Kwik woke up in the hospital after suffering head trauma in kindergarten and thereafter experienced profound learning difficulties to the point that he was called "the boy with the broken brain" by his classmates. He's since dedicated his life to learning any available mental trick to overcome his difficulties, and his passion and expertise in the realm of memory have led to him becoming the go-to instructor for people who want to remember better.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • How Jim overcame problems with what he calls a horrible memory and problems reading to now reading five books a week.

  • Genetics and biology are only responsible for a third of our memory; two thirds are in our control—and a big part of this is our diet.

  • How Jim stopped being shy and introverted to going on to speak at some of the top conferences around the world.

  • How to easily memorize all ten of the Genius Foods featured in my book so you can head to any supermarket without a shopping list and stock up on all the foods that you need to build your best brain yet.

  • The mechanics of voluntary thought and a framework to enjoy learning, reading, and understanding so you can be more effective in your personal and professional life whether you're a student, performer, executive, or mom trying to remember what to pick up from the grocery store!

  • And much more!

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