Craig Clemens is one of the most successful advertising copywriters in the world. He's created videos views by hundreds of millions of people online using a unique form of messaging that we're going to dive into today. He's built many of the most successful consumer brands in the health space and he's even the guy responsible for naming this podcast The Genius Life!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Simple ways to supercharge your communication skills and powers of influence regardless of your profession.

  • How to grab attention and ensure your message is heard by your intended audience rather than skipped over in favor of the next convenient distraction.

  • The value of social proof—why it's so important for you to leave ratings and reviews on social media for, say, your favorite podcasters and content creators.

  • How to write an "about me" page that people will actually care about (and how not to write one).

  • A story Craig has never told anyone (not even his parents) about how he really passed his high school English class.

  • And much more!

This podcast is sponsored by my friends at Genuine Health, a Toronto-based supplement company committed to helping others achieve optimum health—naturally. Check out what they can do for you here and use code MAXL20 to save 20 percent off!

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