• Ziva Meditation (map)
  • 594 Broadway
  • New York, NY, 10012
  • United States

This 7 part series is a combination of neuroscience, ancient wisdom, performance training, life coaching, and positive psychology.  Ziva Meditation’s founder, Emily Fletcher will help you let go of your limiting beliefs and give you a powerful new operating system. Emily will be sharing her favorite insights gained over a decade of studying meditation, a lifetime of performance training and working with thousands of high performers around the world.  She will be joined by an elite group of guest teachers, some of whom are the world’s leading experts in their fields.

Note that to participate in this event you must be a student of Ziva Meditation - either having graduated a class in-person or their online course, ZivaMIND.

Max will be participating in Mastering Your Body
Sat & Sun Jun 10 -11

11a – 6p in NYC

Buckle up. This is the the most comprehensive intensive of the whole series. We’ll be covering the beautiful art and science of Ayurveda. Learn to use food as the powerful medicine it is to strengthen and purify your body

Ayurveda empowers you to take responsibility for your own health. See imbalances before they become acute. There are no ‘rules’ in Ayurveda. It’s not telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. Instead it gives you the tools to counterbalance. Start to see your body as a whole complete system that perfectly knows how to heal itself. Take your power back from doctors and our broken healthcare system.

You’ll take our ‘Dosha quiz’ to learn your Ayurvedic body type.

Emily’s going to share her favorite Ayurvedic tools including:

How to hack insomnia
The best way to start your day
Healthy skin from within
Oil pulling/ tongue scraping.
Get ready to get your freak on. Even if you don’t use every tool you learn, you’re gonna find some gems.

Max Lugavere will teach you how to eat for optimal mental performance aka Cognition Nutrition. Discover how to optimize your food, your exercise, your meditation habits for better performance. Max will share his insight on:

Balancing your hormones
Weight loss
Best healthy fats
Reversing your biological age
Optimize cognitive function
Minimize risk for disease

Our food sponsor Provenance Meals, an organic food home delivery service for busy New Yorkers, will provide lunch both days.