Max speaks to many generations to break down relevant and complex health and wellness-related topics with accuracy and humor. His passion for the science of high performance living is contagious. Any organization that relies on top performers will benefit from his knowledge.
— Judy Taylor, VP of Corporate Communications, Events, and Philanthropy, Equinox
Speaking at IIN, the world's largest nutrition school, 2016

Speaking at IIN, the world's largest nutrition school, 2016

Max has given talks for various companies and at a number of events with audiences ranging from academics to wellness enthusiasts.

Here's a small selection:

  • University of Illinois Center for Nutrition, Learning & Memory
  • Equinox 2016 High Performance Living Symposium
  • New York Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • WealthCounsel Symposium 2016
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Soho House NYC/LA
  • Further Future 2016





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Want a lecture about medicine? Hire a doctor. But if you want to discover the science of peak cognitive performance get Max Lugavere. He brings the topic to life and got a room full of celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs, and best-selling authors buzzing about ketones.
— Jon Levy, author, The 2 AM Principle, founder, The Influencers