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One of Max's appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, 2016

One of Max's appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, 2016

Max Lugavere is the director of an upcoming documentary titled BREAD HEAD, the first-ever film to explore the impact of diet and lifestyle on brain health. He's become a prominent voice in health after just a short time since launching his Kickstarter for the film which drew support from thousands of people around the globe. He has hosted content for WebMD, Vice, and Yahoo Health and is a recurring "core expert" on The Dr. Oz Show. His Facebook vlogs have garnered thousands of fans where he delivers bite-sized blasts of easily digestible information on health science topics ranging from intermittent fasting to the microbiome. He is a prolific speaker and has given talks ranging from the academic at both the NY Academy of Sciences and University of Illinois' Center for Nutrition, Learning and Memory, to the actionable at Equinox's 2016 High Performance Living Symposium.

In late 2013, he created and hosted Acting Disruptive, a web series viewed by millions online, dubbed “two parts big ideas, one part late night talk show” which featured the entrepreneurial passion projects of A-listers like Jessica Alba, Adrian Grenier, Jared Leto and more. It was dubbed one of the "Best Streaming Shows of 2013" by Entertainment Weekly.

He was a prominent producer and host of Al Gore’s Emmy-nominated Current TV from 2005-2011 and was featured in Gap's "Icons" campaign worldwide in 2008.

In his spare time, Max explores his musical interests, and released an EP called "One Year Later" which can currently be heard aboard Virgin America airplanes nationwide.